Q: Does your team help with design of decor for the ceremony and reception?

A: EverMoreEvents will assist with the set-up, based on the client’s specifications.


Q: What is meant by “close-out reception”?

A:The EverMoreEvents Wedding Staff will close-out the Reception, entails concluding that the reception venue site will be in the satisfactory condition for the venue Manager to give positive feedback for the return of any security deposit return back to the client.


Q: Do you check out venues prior to the schedule event for the wedding rehearsal, ceremony and reception?

A: EverMoreEvents will do a vendor visit to the designated Ceremony venue and the designated Reception venue, as what we call, a “Venue walk-thru”. EverMoreEvents does not create a floor plan for the ceremony venue. The floor plan for the reception can usually be offered by the venue and EME can incorporate a designated floor plan of varies space allocations. Such as; head table, sweet-heart table, family tables, guest tables, cake table, DJ space, dance floor, buffet station, etc.


Q:  How many EME staff will be a part of the base client contract?

A:  Will be depending on the guest count,  and if the ceremony and reception venue are in in either all in one or two locations. All wedding planning packages are inclusive of the Certified Wedding Planner and one assistant. If the guest list is over 150 persons in increments of 100; and/ or the ceremony and reception are in two different locations there is an addition fee for each assistants.


Q:  How far in advance do you and your team arrive before events?

A:  EverMoreEvent Staff will arrive in the time-frame that is allowed from the Ceremony and Reception representative for the set-up. For example, if the Church venue allows 2 hours for set-up prior to the wedding. EME staff will be there at the two hour allotted time. If the Reception venue allows 2 hours for set-up prior to the wedding an EME staff person will be there at the allotted time.


Q:  Does your team handle organization of the gift table, guest book table and programs?

A:  EverMoreEvents will handle the set-up your décor of gift table, guest book and the programs, and other décor pieces if needed.


Q:  What is provided in the wedding emergency kit?

A:  The EverMoreEvents emergency kit is a mobile suitcase for the women in the bridal party and for the men in the bridal party.

There are various items of medicine that are in the rolling case, for usage; however, I am not to administer this medication.  Such as Pepto Bismal, allergy meds & headache meds, cold medicine. etc.,  Hand lotion, tissues, nail polish remover, nail file, tweezers, small scissors, lint brush, brush, comb, bobby pins, tooth brush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, deodorant, fabric steamer, breath mints,  back- up garter, back –up cake server, extra earring backs, sewing kit, club soda and stain remover,  bandages,  feminine hygiene products, extra copies of directions to reception venue.